Alchemy: An Art Exhibit

Reclaimed Room Gallery returns with a new show Saturday, March 26th, featuring Lynn Stone and Gerald Chambers. The Opening Reception is to be held at 5pm 3\26\22 with refreshments on hand, and musical accompaniment by Don Prell with his stand up bass, made from recycled parts. The show will be on view through May 10th, 2022.

MC Nubian, by Gerald Chambers

Gerald Chambers

The Coronavirus provoked me. Stuck at home, worried about the future, and forced to find something to focus my anxious mind, I turned to found object art. I had never worked in this medium before, but the pandemic forced us all to do things we never did before. I set out to sample items that I could make rhyme.

Art makes a statement. Art is a way to resist. Art is a way to relax. Art can help us heal. Art is an open invitation. Art is a receipt for your life.

Gerald B. Chambers

Toy and Tool Together Again, by Lynn Stone

Lynn Stone

Certain apparently worthless and ruined things draw my eye. I pick them up and bring them to my studio, believing that they are inherently more valuable than they appear. They hang about until I put them together with other elements. That is the work, the magic of changing a thing from base to precious. The root of my process is a traditional way that artists have long used to create. I listen, look, and am amazed by the “A-Ha” moments that serendipity generates. I apply this process to my work whether I am making jewelry, art, interior design or even an entire building. Since I collaborate, I cannot take all of the credit for the creation, or all of the blame. Yet nothing I make is completed until others engage with the object. When a person wears the jewelry, sees the art or enters the building, the work is completed by them; through their feelings, thoughts and experience. That is how something valuable is created from something ordinary, showing me that we all have the potential to be extraordinary. Then, the alchemy is complete.

Lynn Stone

Please join us Saturday, March 26th for our Opening Reception to celebrate this new show. No RSVP required, we will have spaces designated for social distancing, hand sanitizer, and a public restroom available as well. Feel free to contact us with questions, 415-285-7814, 9am to 4:30pm daily.

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