DisposABILITIES is a group show with Denise Laws, Heather Law, Marianne Mitten, Mariana Nelson, and Kevin Tuszynski, all using repurposed materials destined to be disposed. They are all inspired to rescue and manipulate materials that are predestined for landfill. They seek and acquire these materials and are driven by their limitless possibilities.

Denise uses single use foil lined packaging like tetra-Pak and food/beverage packaging. Kevin and Marianne work with paper scraps. Mariana works with plastic bags of all sorts. Heather works with Press Mold and Slip-cast trash.

This show begins on March 7th with its opening reception from 5 – 7 pm and runs through May 3rd, 2019.

Maze, by Denise Laws

Denise Laws

Through various arrangements and repetitions, the organic forms, shapes, and patterns of “Mylar Reveries” reveal the hidden elegance of reclaimed debris used as a medium, in large as a much-needed reminder of environmental awareness. The ultimate goal of this on-going body of work is to divert the refuse, such as single-use foil lined packagings from landfill and recast into graceful topographies that echo and reflect nature, landscapes, and horizons.


unnamed, by Heather Law

Heather Law

Heather Law’s artwork is a dramatic depiction of American material consumerism and the resulting waste it creates. The repurposing of personal detritus makes an ethical claim on the viewer, an invitation to reflect upon one’s own daily interactions with these common objects. The transformation of trash into slip-cast ceramic sculpture emphasizes the permanency of our growing landfills in an ever-increasing disposable nation.


Polyglot, by Marianne Mitten

Marianne Mitten

After working on computers and websites as a graphic designer for years, Marianne really missed working with her hands. Creating art with recycled paper strips became a natural transition. There is a lot of waste when it comes to printing: make ready sheets, trimmings, folding, gluing, etc. so instead of buying paper, why not create art with this instead. Marianne never has a preconceived idea when it comes to making pieces. She allows the medium to drive the piece.


Fungus, by Mariana Nelson

Mariana Nelson

Mariana’s work captures material like spools of thread, plastic biohazard bags and thousands of coffee cup lids, and turns them into meaningful, thought-provoking art. First is the degree of transformation: processing and inducing techniques – turning “garbage” into art. Mariana has an even greater purpose for these objects once they are transformed. Warped plastic lids are altered to the point that, together, their petal-like forms read like beautiful, vibrant fungus, perched on trees.


Tranquil Whirl, by Kevin Tuszynski

Kevin Tuszynski

“Chaos/Crisis” are works made during a dark period in Kevin’s life. However, the works are not dark at all. The use of clashing ¬†colors and mixed patterns are used to portray the disruption of his life at that time. “Road Trip” series was inspired by finding a box of road maps in a neighbor’s recycling bin. The soft greens and blues in the maps play with the bolder colors he already works with. Kevin also works with other scavenged paper, print trimmings and fabrics.