The LIVING Show opens November 14th

Mark your calendars for our new show opening November 14th!  Please join us to celebrate The LIVING Show, style and sustainability with artists Samuel Fleming Lewis and Tony Hurd.  Retro, recycled paper designs, full moon mirrors, living pods, yoga art and other fascinating original work that pushes the creative potential of reuse to a whole other level making the places we live, love, work and play renewed and re-imagined with the stuff of our past.
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Join us from 5-8pm on Thursday November 14th!  Meet the artists and take in our latest transformation!  This event is FREE.  Wine, beer, snacks are also provided.  Receptions at the Reclaimed Room are a fantastic opportunity to meet the team at Building REsources, the community growing around this unique exhibition space as well as get an intimate view of the reused materials yard during non-business hours at Building REsources.


Demolition Series $3000 for entire set-Bannister Lamp $800
 And, a huge congratulations to Reddy Lieb, FUSIONS artist currently on display, who just sold her entire demolition series!  Stop by during regular business hours and check it out before it is gone.  FUSIONS features works by Roland Blandy and Reddy Lieb and will be on display until Nov 4th.

In The Yard (usually) at Building REsources

Building REsources has a unique blend of practical, strange and innovative offerings.  In the coming months, we will be working to help better demarcate the regular sections in the yard, highlight unique finds and educate the greater public about the amazing potential that resides in the concept of reuse.  Most of the regulars know what kind of gems one can stumble upon here but even the regulars have grandiose tales to tell of reclaimed materials they found no where else but BR.  Join this mini-revolution on the industrial shores of San Francisco’s bay, we are open every day from 9:00-4:30pm.  As a nonprofit organization, Building REsources partly operates through a generous grant from the San Francisco Department of the Environment.  Here is a breakdown of what we offer the community.


reclaimed wood


marble and tile




bike parts

sinks, baths, and toilets

fireplace facades

doors, doors, doors


tumbled glass: various colors

Tumbled glass is made with reclaimed wine bottles that are put through a special process that mimics the ocean’s effect on glass over time.


Reclaimed Room

Part of the BR warehouse has been re-imagined as an exhibition space for environmental arts, crafts and media.  This initiative programs shows every two months and creates opportunities for learning, teaching, engaging and collaborating in the physical space and online.

Artists are encouraged to submit a proposal to  Our next reception is slated for September 12, 2013 and features work by local artists Reddy Lieb and Roland Blandy as well as the awesome “Chaos Theory” centerpiece by resident light artist, Gregory Randolph Benke.  Save the Date!


Opening Reception was a Success!

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A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended our opening reception on June 27th.  It was a magical evening.  Please enjoy the photos and video in this post to commemorate the event.  Congratulations to all the participating recycled artists: Gregory Randolph Benke, Martha Jones and Aleksandra Zee who sold her largest piece just before the show-amazing!

The exhibition space is open during normal business hours at Building REsources and these artists will be on display for a few weeks yet to come.  Stop by anytime!  And, be sure to check out our SUBMIT page if you have environmental art work that could fit with our space, we would love to review your work.