The Reclaimed Room is a new initiative of the acclaimed nonprofit Building REsources that has made a name for itself as San Francisco’s only source for reusable, recycled and remanufactured building and landscaping materials.  This new venture aims to exhibit environmental arts, crafts and media as well as offer education and engagement on the environmental art movement and the myriad of work being done through the efforts of Building REsources.

The Reclaimed Room creates a physical space where the gritty leftovers of urban industry and the imagination of the artists collide and transform together.  Located at 701 Amador Street, near the upcoming San Francisco Art Commission mural and light installation project on the large unused grain elevators, Building REsources and The Reclaimed Room plan to be a vibrant part of this burgeoning new art scene on the industrial shores of the San Francisco Bay.

Online, the Reclaimed Room operates as a blog that highlights the work on display at our space and offers photos, videos, educational materials and articles about the Environmental Arts and the Building REsources program.

Curator: Angel Gurgovits

Learn more about Building REsources at www.buildingresources.org

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Soumyaaa.
    I am writing on behalf of WEAD, Womens EcoArt Dialog, a group of over 300 international women artists that make art about environmental and social justice issues. After looking at your site at length, I think many of the women artists and the work in your shows, including yourself, are in keeping with the goals of our group. We have a dynamic on line site with separate listings for each artist, sponsor exhibits and panels, have a valuable on line magazine and the site provides international networking. Please check out our website at weadartists.com. We would like to invite you to join us and become part of the ongoingWomens Art Dialog, and to let your artists know about us as well. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource and place for artists to get their work into the environmental art world. Andrée Thompson, Outreach action for WEAD andreest@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Angel,
    Kit and I want to get by to see Marlene and Marilyn’s show.
    What are the galary’s hours (days/ times)?
    Blessings, Ems

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