Opens October 10th: PLAY


PLAY features artists Diana Hartman and Bill Rupel.  A multi-medi show that features collage, ping-pong, chandeliers and more inspired works.



Opening Reception: October 10th 2015, 4:30-6:30pm
701 Amador Street, SF 94124
Food, drinks, FUN, Free for the whole family.

Artist Statement

Diana has worked in many mediums, including sculpture, oils, acrylics, knitting, sewing, hatting etc. She enjoys them all and loves Di in Gallery Nov 2014to learn and pick up new techniques. Diana blends her skills to make mixed media art. While much of her early work has been on canvas, Diana now does more of her work on cupboard doors, inside drawers and on scrap wood. This approach lends to a more organic and natural look and she enjoys working on different textures.

Some of Diana’s larger ideas have become window displays and public art, with the artist group We Are Carl. She has also completed murals and done scenic painting in the Theater. Diana’s paintings have been on display through out the bay area, more notably at City Art in San Francisco and through Canvas Ghost Productions in San Jose.