On November 7th, 2020, we are opening a new show, “RECLAIMED” with local artists Jakub Kalousek and Sofia Carmi. Their show will be up thru January 7th, 2021.

by Jakub Kalousek


Standing in an unfamiliar bathroom, tired & naked & wet in a strange shower stall, reaching for the towel only to grab the empty towel rack & accidentally pull it from the moldy plaster wall, so it falls to the tile floor with a clatter. The broken half of cork that drops inside the bottle of wine. The sought-after object of desire trapped behind the thick glass window of a closed shop in a foreign city you are flying out of that night. The misplaced wallet. The loose hinge. The leaky faucet. Driving at night on a country road, suddenly noticing the gas gauge – how long has the needle been on empty? In Jakub Kalousek’s sculpture, the accident has either to yet happened – or it has just happened but the irrevocable consequences have only partially (not entirely) become clear. In the instant before total tragedy, comedy reigns supreme. Leona Shoustakis, “Pair&Thesis” #14, 2012.

Waterfall in Silver, by Sofia Carmi



Sofia Carmi’s Paintings are created from her impressions of our challenging times using art materials that have been reclaimed and repurposed. Her process of combining torn paper and torn canvas creates an atmosphere that is an excursion into a different realm for Miss Carmi. It captures a feeling of the chaos inherent in the world and her interpretation of it. This technique allows her to explore the intersection of chance and planning. This series utilizes torn paper and torn canvas and acrylic paint as the main medium.

IMAGINARY ARCHAEOLOGY: Dead Sea Scrolls & Global Warming

The Dead Sea Scrolls are painted and interpreted in creative ways, bringing back the past of the actual Dead Sea Scrolls and the memories of Sofia’s travels and her life in Israel, her birthplace. On her last trip in 2018 to the Dead Sea, she went with fellow artist Guy Campbell, who photographed the abandoned Dead Sea area. The Dead Sea remains a spiritual treasure to Miss Carmi and to many, for the beauty of its desert landscape, and for the healing in the mineral waters. Yet, the devastating effects of global warming are alarming. The Dead Sea is shrinking, experiencing both a general lack of rain and devastating floods, like the one which they experienced in the spring of 2018.

The imaginary Dead Sea Scrolls is a response to these beautiful memories and also to facing the harsh reality of global warming.

Dead Sea Scrolls, by Sofia Carmi
Dead Sea Scroll, acrylic on paper with burnt edges 20″x16″
Cutting Edge Ocean, acrylic on canvas 36×24″ by Sofia Carmi

Please join us for an Opening Reception being held here at the gallery from 5 – 7pm inside Building REsources at 701 Amador Street, San Francisco 94124. The show will be on view thru January 7th 2021.