The Reclaimed Room is currently accepting submissions for future shows in our exhibition space.  Work must consist of recycled materials, be environmentally themed, or community orientated.

A public reception is held for each show.

Work is rotated approximately every two months.

To submit:


subject:  New Art Submission

content:  link to a digital portfolio or pdfs of the work or the type of work you seek to exhibit


4 thoughts on “Submit

    • if you’d like to submit your work, please email us at and include links to an online photo album, displaying the works you would like to show. Also include “new Arts submission” as the subject for the email.

      thanks for your comment !
      Good Luck !

      Angel Gurgovits
      Co Curator
      Reclaimed Room

  1. Hi
    My name is Howard Sakala from Vic Falls Zimbabwe.Iam an artist doing recycling work.I would love to exhibit my work with you.Will be happy to get a chance with you.Thank you.

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