Opening Reception was a Success!

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A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended our opening reception on June 27th.  It was a magical evening.  Please enjoy the photos and video in this post to commemorate the event.  Congratulations to all the participating recycled artists: Gregory Randolph Benke, Martha Jones and Aleksandra Zee who sold her largest piece just before the show-amazing!

The exhibition space is open during normal business hours at Building REsources and these artists will be on display for a few weeks yet to come.  Stop by anytime!  And, be sure to check out our SUBMIT page if you have environmental art work that could fit with our space, we would love to review your work.

Recycled Arts Show June 27

Recycled Art Reception June 27

Aleksandra Zee crafts recycled trims and moldings into dizzying wall panels on display June 27

Mosaic Bird Bath made from Recycled Satellite Dish by Martha Jones

Martha Jones’ Discarded Satellite Dishes Mosaiced into Birdbaths and Garden Columns made from Terra Cotta Water Pipes and Salvaged Tile on display June 27.


On JUNE 27th from 5-8pm, the Reclaimed Room opens its doors to the public with a reception for recycled artists Aleksandra Zee and Martha Jones with a unique light installation by Gregory Randolph Benke.  Celebrate the inaugural event of this exciting new project by Building REsources.

701 Amador Street, SF, CA 94124


Aleksandra Zee creates three-dimensional objects from found and re-purposed materials, primarily reclaimed lumber.  Ranging in scale from small interventions to whole room distortions, she strives to transform the viewer’s perception of the space.  As a woodworker Zee creates anything from large scale wall hangings to furniture and tabletops.  Zee is interested in the transcendance of the harsh, broken, or discarded materials into objects of soft whimsy.  In much the same way, Zee wants the viewer to pause and lose themselves in the altered environment.

Originally from Southern California, Zee is inspired by her travels and living and working in San Francisco.

Wood Trim Panel with Lights

Wood Trim Panel with Lights

Martha Jones is a professionally trained interior & architectural designer, artist and owner of Green Mosaics.  Jones combines her passion for design, salvaging and reuse into creating recycled art for home & garden.  Intrigued by her mother’s Better Homes and Gardens magazines as a child, along with looking forward to local trash night, her unique art and approach blends her environmentally friendly  attitude while also slowing down the amount of material put into landfills.  Birdbaths are created from discarded satellite dishes,terracotta chimney inserts are mosaic-ed into garden columns, table tops are made from leftover vinyl flooring, and  junk mail, wallpaper and old calendars are used for collage picture frames and wall art.


Green Mosaics in their habitat

Green Mosaics in their habitat