The LIVING Show opens Nov 14th-Meet the Artists !

The LIVING Show opens tomorrow night!!

Style & Sustainability with Samuel Fleming Lewis & Tony Hurd

701 Amador Street, SF 94124

Opening Reception: Nov 14th, 5-8pm, FREE

On display: Nov 14th – Jan 14th

Get to know our artists better by checking out their profile videos and meet them in person Thursday night at our opening reception.  This show transforms our space into our most ambitious display to date.

Samuel Fleming Lewis

Samuel Fleming Lewis

Samuel Fleming Lewis is part of the design team at InStudio located on the port of San Francisco.  He will be exhibiting some of his more personal works as part of the Reclaimed Room’s next installation, The LIVING Show-Style & Sustainability.  Lewis reconfigures remnants of his past into artwork for the future.  He demonstrates incredible style and engages deeply with sustainable art practices, recycling broken mirrors, repurposing old media like Ebony and Interview magazines, and finding new life for leftover work products like furniture and architecture hand drawings and photographs remade into lanterns, mirrors and other unique designs.  Delve further into his process and personality by viewing our latest artist profile video.

Tony Hurd

Tony Hurd

Tony Hurd is a master builder.  His extraordinary talents explore reuse in dynamic and intuitive ways.  This exhibit brings forth his innovative living pod solutions, fanciful beehives and metal art that reflects serenity and family in vivacious ways.  Prepare for some surprises, too.  Hurd is a tornado of a artist and often whipping things together in his mind, body and soul.  He also invites you to physically engage with his work, sit, sand, relax and unwind within the pieces to truly appreciate this artist’s works.  See Hurd in action and some of the pieces that could not possibly fit in our venue in his artist profile video.


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