Artists Invite/Call from SCRAP Art: Creative Reuse in the Bayview

Calling all San Francisco bay area artists!


We are having our 5th creative reuse exhibition, SCRAP Art: Creative Reuse in the Bayview at the Reclaimed Room at Building Resources,Public Glass, and the Salvation Army on 3rd Street

This is a juried exhibition of San Francisco bay area artists who incorporate creative reuse in their work, with special consideration given to artists who have an affiliation with the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco in some way (i.e. reside, work, shop, create, support).

Exhibition dates:  June 12 to July 26, 2014

Deadline for submissions:  Saturday, April 26th

Selection notification:  May 2nd

The submission fee is $10 for up to 3 artworks submitted. Each artwork submitted must incorporate creative reuse, repurposing, or upcycling of materials in some way or include some aspect of materials found at SCRAP, Building Resources, or other source for creative reuse. Size limitations of the gallery spaces will be considered when judging large entries and installations.

Guest Juror: Deborah Munk, Director, Recology AIR Artist In Residence program
Soumyaa Kapil Behrens, Curator, Reclaimed Room: An Exhibition Space for Environmental Arts, Crafts and Media at Building Resources; Nathan Watson, Executive Director, Public Glass; Jennifer Morningstar, Program Coordinator,SCRAP

Awards: $100 gift certificates from SCRAP, Building Resources, and Public Glass will be awarded for 1st place Jurors’ Choice, $75 gift certificates for 2nd place, and $50 gift certificates for 3rd place.

Terms & Conditions:
This juried exhibition is open to all San Francisco bay area artists who incorporate creative reuse in their work, with special consideration given to artists who are affiliated with the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco in some way (i.e. reside, work, shop, support). The submission fee is $10 for up to 3 artworks submitted with up to 3 images per artwork. Entries are made using All works must remain for the duration of the show. Permission to use images of submitted works for publicity purposes is considered granted unless otherwise stated in writing. 70% of artist sales will go to the artist and 30% will be split between the venue and SCRAP. Artworks are insured by SCRAP for the duration of the exhibition from the artwork drop off time at the venue until the date and time the work is scheduled to be picked up. Artists are required to sign a lending agreement at the time of artwork drop off.

Delivery and Pickup of Artwork -
Artists whose work is selected will be notified of the venues, dates and times for delivering and picking up of artwork.

Paying your submission fee -
You can pay online using PayPal by clicking the button below or once you’ve submitted your online entry or you can mail a check payable to SCRAP to SCRAP Art Show, 834 Toland St, SF, CA 94124 or call (415)647-1746 to use a credit card over the phone or come in and pay with cash, credit card, or check at the front desk. If you have any further questions please email Jenny at




Beneath The Surface featured Artist: Clint Imboden

Thursday quickly approaches and excitement builds for the new show!  Join us from 6-8pm at 701 Amador Street.  In the meantime, get to know another of our featured artists, Clint Imboden.

Clint_cheese box #3





I come to making art with the perspective of a therapist. Just as a good therapist can act as a catalyst for change in a client, good art should elicit a strong reaction in the audience, provoking them to explore the reasons why they’ve been affected.

I usually find my materials at local flea markets. I start with the artifacts of daily living, things that most people discard or overlook: battered globes, worn shoes, dilapidated tools.  I’m drawn to old materials because they foster purposeful imperfection in my art, an attribute that’s connected to their previous lives. I use them for their connotative, associative or narrative possibilities. My installation work is tactile and handmade; as an artist, I focus on process and on topical, issue-based content.

Viewing my artwork is not meant to be a passive experience; it involves reading, deciphering, taking the initiative to engage physically and psychically with text and objects.  I use materials that challenge my audience to consider multiple references in order to understand the full meaning of a piece. I want people to be caught up in the experience of my work, just as I am, in making it. My goal is to have them come away from an encounter with the work knowing something new about themselves.

Beneath The Surface opens March 27th
Beneath The Surface opens March 27th

Alternative Cosmos opens Feb 6th!

We are excited to announce details of our next new show, Alternative Cosmos, at the Reclaimed Room.  This show features work by artists Solis and Lady Saphire.  Both artists, in their own ways, create new spaces of engagement through their individual art works and compliment one another quite gracefully.
Lady Saphire reinvents the world through works made from melted plastics, resins and trash remnants that are unusually striking and oddly familiar.
Solis invites us into the graphic universe of Wildwood, where characters made from reclaimed materials spring to life and provoke questions of togetherness, tolerance and utopian ideals.
This show delves into the other worlds that exist right before our eyes and these artists bring those alternative cosmos-es to life in our next show.
Save the date!  As always, snacks and drinks are provided and the admission is FREE!
701 Amador Street, SF 94124

Alternative Cosmos

West Coast Craft Show: And the Winners Are…

Many Thanks to all who stopped by the Building REsources booth at the recent and most awesome West Coast Craft Fair!



Thanks to Angel for working the table and holding the raffle drawing for RED SHOVEL Glass!  The winners of the RAFFLE are:

Saturday: Kelli R.

Sunday: Barb Fujimoto.

Congratulations!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!  Thanks for supporting Building REsources and the Reclaimed Room!

BR_Raffle1 BR_Raffle2


Many Building Resources regulars have been peeking into the new Reclaimed Room space to see what all the fuss is about.  Broken glass, huge carts, strange and interesting sculptures and more are transforming the room into FUSIONS.  FUSIONS features work by Reddy Lieb and Roland Blandy complemented by resident light artist Gregory Benke’s aerial spotlights.  Show opens at 5pm tonight and the reception lasts until 8.  We truly hope to see you there.  The event is free and there will be snacks and drinks provided.  The artists have worked hard to create and prepare this work for you and will be there in person this evening! 701 Amador Street, SF CA 94124.

Reddy Installs demolition series Driftwood_RB

Legacy International brings young Indonesian leaders to find inspiration for community projects at Building REsources

Matt Levesque, program manager of Building REsources, took a dozen young aspiring community leaders from Indonesia on a tour of the Building REsources facility to help inspire them for community projects at home.  The group was a media saavy bunch with smart phones and cameras to document the whole thing.  Legacy International is a nonprofit organization that generates citizen participation worldwide.  To learn more about their program please visit


Opening Reception was a Success!

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A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended our opening reception on June 27th.  It was a magical evening.  Please enjoy the photos and video in this post to commemorate the event.  Congratulations to all the participating recycled artists: Gregory Randolph Benke, Martha Jones and Aleksandra Zee who sold her largest piece just before the show-amazing!

The exhibition space is open during normal business hours at Building REsources and these artists will be on display for a few weeks yet to come.  Stop by anytime!  And, be sure to check out our SUBMIT page if you have environmental art work that could fit with our space, we would love to review your work.

Recycled Arts Show June 27

Recycled Art Reception June 27

Aleksandra Zee crafts recycled trims and moldings into dizzying wall panels on display June 27

Mosaic Bird Bath made from Recycled Satellite Dish by Martha Jones

Martha Jones’ Discarded Satellite Dishes Mosaiced into Birdbaths and Garden Columns made from Terra Cotta Water Pipes and Salvaged Tile on display June 27.


On JUNE 27th from 5-8pm, the Reclaimed Room opens its doors to the public with a reception for recycled artists Aleksandra Zee and Martha Jones with a unique light installation by Gregory Randolph Benke.  Celebrate the inaugural event of this exciting new project by Building REsources.

701 Amador Street, SF, CA 94124


Aleksandra Zee creates three-dimensional objects from found and re-purposed materials, primarily reclaimed lumber.  Ranging in scale from small interventions to whole room distortions, she strives to transform the viewer’s perception of the space.  As a woodworker Zee creates anything from large scale wall hangings to furniture and tabletops.  Zee is interested in the transcendance of the harsh, broken, or discarded materials into objects of soft whimsy.  In much the same way, Zee wants the viewer to pause and lose themselves in the altered environment.

Originally from Southern California, Zee is inspired by her travels and living and working in San Francisco.

Wood Trim Panel with Lights

Wood Trim Panel with Lights

Martha Jones is a professionally trained interior & architectural designer, artist and owner of Green Mosaics.  Jones combines her passion for design, salvaging and reuse into creating recycled art for home & garden.  Intrigued by her mother’s Better Homes and Gardens magazines as a child, along with looking forward to local trash night, her unique art and approach blends her environmentally friendly  attitude while also slowing down the amount of material put into landfills.  Birdbaths are created from discarded satellite dishes,terracotta chimney inserts are mosaic-ed into garden columns, table tops are made from leftover vinyl flooring, and  junk mail, wallpaper and old calendars are used for collage picture frames and wall art.


Green Mosaics in their habitat

Green Mosaics in their habitat